LED Sensitivity Survey

The goal of this survey is to more clearly define the effects of LED screens and LED lights on the health of sensitive individuals, including defining to what extent symptoms are shared among sensitive individuals or within subgroups of individuals. The hope is that this information will inform the development of diagnostic criteria by the neurological community. In particular, current ICHD-3 headache classifications do not seem to capture the collection of symptoms caused by new LED screens/lights. The author of this survey is sensitive to some LED screens and a subset of LED lights and plans to use the results of this survey to advocate for public awareness and research in the neurological community. The hope is that this research will help the lighting industry and computer engineers better understand what is necessary to engineer healthy devices and also help to define lighting metrics and standards that are relevant for sensitive individuals. For example, some LED lights already seem to be engineered to be safe for at least this survey's author, but these are currently rare and there are not any regulations (currently in 2021) that require either safe LED engineering or the publishing of LED metrics relevant to health. The survey results will be public to help raise awareness and to inform future research.

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